Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Xbox Live Integrates Facebook and Twitter - Analysis and Implications For Advertisers

Yesterday, I criticized Microsoft for failing to describe a more robust integration platform for advertisers with elements of the social web at their Digital Showcase event. Subsequently Microsoft announced their planned integration of Twitter and Facebook into the Xbox Live service.

The implications for advertisers are enormous as an entire new demographic will be exposed to brand messaging and representatives.

I will say this - if you are in the business of creating content for a gaming platform your company needs to be adapting a social business model as quickly as possible.

Let's review the breakdown of planned features for the Xbox platform integration:

  1. Share pictures
  2. Read your stream and those of your friends
  3. Post text on friends walls
  4. Incorporate in-game events into your stream
  1. Full functionality
  2. Live-tweet in-game events
From what we can tell, a more complex solution was required for Microsoft to integrate Facebook. The Twitter component seems to be a simple API work-through with an Xbox branded wrapper.

I am somewhat curious to see how Xbox Live games push out content. One would hope Microsoft will understand the norms of the communities they are about to enter and realize that many people don't need to be informed about their connections' gaming accomplishments. At the same time the cohesion within the gaming community shows great promise.

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