Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Social Media, Business Week, and Everything Else

The realities of working on the cutting edge of advertising, social consulting, and agency life are that - occasionally - you are unable to blog with as much frequency as you would like.

That being said, I am back on top of things today with a quote in Business Week:

Nicholas Kinports, our firm's digital integration manager, has a wonderful way of thinking about implementing your social media strategy.

"It isn't about making content go viral—though that would be a wonderful byproduct, should it happen—or creating the next great Facebook application,"
Kinports says.

"It's about structuring, and in some cases restructuring, how a business views and interacts with its customer base. The modern consumer is savvy, aware, and fully able to make informed decisions, thanks to a wealth of information freely available on the Internet. The consumer of the near future will make purchase decisions based on information gleaned from unbiased peers and influencers. Social media is the latest tool through which these interactions occur."

Read the full article, "The Smart Way to Tap Social Media" for more perspective on the subject.

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