Monday, June 22, 2009

Social Business Design and The Future Of Advertising

The folks at Dachis are abuzz today with a more detailed series of articles on social business design:

David Armano
Peter Kim
Jevon MacDonald
Kate Niederhoffer

The gist of the content is a vision of transformation from the way we view business communications today to the not too distant future where everyone is connected at every level; be they client, vendor, or CEO.

An inspiring thought to be sure - but what does it mean for advertising and the way our industry has (d)evolved over the last ten years?

Social business design - the way Dachis presents it - is something that needs to be taken on at the CEO/Board of Directors level for any large company. They aren't talking about selling in to CMOs, marketing directors, and other interested parties. These products will undoubtedly be designed to change the fundamental operating function of any company choosing to engage it, and to me that means a big uphill battle for Dachis.

Can they do it? The talent is certainly A-list, and we have not heard about the details of their plan. Creating a game changing consultancy model is certainly ambitious - how do you think social business design will transform the next 10 years of advertising?

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