Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyone Hates Social Media

The proliferation of pundits on social media and the social web, in the last six months, has increased exponentially.

In point of fact, the last week has seen an entire nation in turmoil thanks largely to a social experience the whole world can take part in.

And, like with all things mainstream, the early adopters - who originally embraced the medium and feel some level of ownership - are growing weary of the talk, the "experts", and the people who still don't get it. I too am guilty of losing patience.

Everyone Thinks He Can Be a Social-Media Marketer - B.L. Ochman on 06.16.09 AdAge

Why I Hate Social Media - Matt Jones on 06.17.09 Adage

The Only Social-Media Guru You'll Ever Need - Ken Wheaton on 06.17.09 AdAge

What's with all the negativity? Is it the fact that there are literally thousands of people creating white noise about social media in the communities we all call home (Twitter, Facebook, etc...)? Or is it coming to terms with the fact that social media, as an advertising format, costs about the same as anything else when done correctly and takes longer than traditional media - on average - to produce results?

As an agency representative, I still see a huge gap in big brands' understanding of the commitment required to launch and maintain a winning social strategy; and the cost - both today and over time - required to maintain and grow the social business model.

Are you experiencing the same frustrations displayed in AdAge and within the advertising community at large? Share your thoughts by logging into Facebook connect, Twitter, or DISQUS and leaving a comment below.

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