Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twitter Unleashes Promoted Tweets Ad Platform

We certainly aren't first to break the story, but we think we deserve marks for thorough and accurate delivery.

Twitter has revealed their plans to slowly roll out advertising - first on their owned properties, then to third party platforms.

The question is how effective will the ads be in breathing fiduciary life into a non-monetized platform without jeopardizing the user experience. We like to call that trust. When a user no longer trusts a social platform, he or she will quickly move on. Don't believe us? One word: MySpace (*shudder*).

Our opinion is that the onus in now on the wizard behind the curtain at Twitter to protect the integrity of the service. Let's hope the nice folks at Twitter vet ads for content and substance, and only serve ads that equate to value for the target. 0.02% click-through copy ain't gonna cut it my friends.

So let's see what some of the majors had to say about Twitter's new ad platform...

The WallStreetJournal has a lengthy article and a feature video about the changes, but doesn't do much other than regurgitate the announcement.

The Huffington Post has an amusing array of user responses to the news that Twitter, like most things in the world, needs oxygen to survive. Beautiful green oxygen.

Mashable, the social media new juggernaut, and our old friend Ben Parr have a first-hand look at the launch of Promoted Tweets.

Finally our old standby AdvertisingAge channels Josh Bernoff to make a case for why you should advertise on Twitter.

Looks like we can expect a full roll-out with advertisers like Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America very soon. From what we've seen so far this is a platform like most others. It's going to be up to Twitter and it's partners to make sure things stay above board. Rest assured we will all be watching...

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