Thursday, April 22, 2010

Iron Man 2 Digital Campaign Just Works

I've been known to be somewhat cynical when it comes to flashy digital campaigns. Most companies just can't get it right. I was impressed with the last several weeks of Iron Man 2 digital promotions, and thought I would share.

Up first, a nice interactive trailer. Oft criticized for being bulky and offering little added value, this Flash promo plays the full trailer while picking bits out for further exploration. A nice build on the stale movie trailer experience.

Next, a quick look at the Stark Expo 2010 website. Though grumblings about vapid content can be found on Twitter, I believe the experience is both immersive and clever. The site was also integrated with offline experiences such as "recruiters" from Stark Industries handing out business cards at key locations leading up to the go-live date.

Note advertisers' content within the microsite - I wonder if these placements were sold as online spots to pay for the project? In the context of the expo I don't find it too intrusive, and let's not forget the cool (and totally fake) links to various "vendors" at the faux expo.

What do you think? A good overall campaign or a waste of marketing dollars?

Nick Kinports (@ADMAVEN) has worked in the interactive world for over 9 years, and helps the Fortune 100 identify unmet consumer needs, create ideas to fill those needs, and bring them into market. He currently works at Maddock Douglas.
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