Monday, July 27, 2009

Twitter 101: A Special Guide

Twitter is notorious as the social media outlet with the biggest gap between awareness and engagement. Part of the trouble has - in the past - stemmed from a general lack of information on the official site. Tech savvy adopters don't have a problem seeking out information, but for the masses a general lack of support is viewed as an annoyance and has ultimately led to trial without adoption.

Twitter's new guide for businesses seeks to mend the issue by providing a benefits based analysis and instructions. The guide is basic, but a good start. As more details are added the guide could easily become a comprehensive, official source of information for businesses seeking to take advantage of social media.

Read Twitter's special guide for businesses

Of additional note to Chicago readers is the Saper Law Seminar on July 28th, 2009 covering Trademark and Copyright issues. The seminar is a "101" intro session and should be very informative. Saper Law is a sponsor of the Chciago Media Marketing & Advertising Group.

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