Thursday, February 26, 2009

Defining Twitter - The Best User Tweets From #definetwitter

Nicholas Kinports (follow him on Twitter @ADMAVEN) has worked in the interactive technology world for over 15 years. He is the Digital Strategy Lead and founder of Chicago-based digital marketing firm lonelybrand, where he directs the creation and execution of digital marketing programs that generate measurable signups, conversions and sales.

What is Twitter? What is Twitter good for? How do you use Twitter? Why is Twitter so popular? How does a company use Twitter? How do you make money with Twitter?

Each day more people around the world are asking questions about Twitter. It's on the news, in local papers, and on business cards. Today, one of the top trending topics was #definetwitter. I have taken some of my favorite responses and posted them here to help you understand a little more about what makes Twitter so special.

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richardpeacock : #definetwitter The only religion that answers back
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wasatchwoman : a distraction from work...and a resource for my mag content. #definetwitter
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JanetGomez : Twitter is about sharing with peeps you'll maybe never meet in person but with whom you feel a connection #definetwitter
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Tom_Sweatman : Twitter is a perpetual regurgitation of mass perspective. #definetwitter
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robert_brady : @unmarketing #definetwitter Twitter is whatever you can make it and whatever you want it to be. Why pigeonhole it?
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LifeCoachMary : #definetwitter Twitter to me is like a virtual office cubicles by day. I can look over the virtual wall to get inspired, chat or learn.
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eExecutives : Twitter is a place I can get and share ideas, insights, and fun just as they pop up... no lines, no waiting! #definetwitter
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leximo : RT: @unmarketing: Twitter is where adults can type LOL and not be judged by their kids. #definetwitter
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lachenmayer : Twitter is a great place to ask questions #definetwitter
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AbbieF : Twitter is a buffet of information, take as much or as little as you want, as often as you want. #definetwitter
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