Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44th US Presidential Inauguration Sparks Social Media Outpour

Nicholas Kinports (follow him on Twitter @ADMAVEN) has worked in the interactive technology world for over 15 years. He is the Digital Strategy Lead and founder of Chicago-based digital marketing firm lonelybrand, where he directs the creation and execution of digital marketing programs that generate measurable signups, conversions and sales.

The 44th US Presidential Inauguration was preceded by a groundswell of social media activity.

Twitter became inundated and remained partially disabled throughout the ceremonies. Major news outlets' streaming video sputtered. Other sites experienced unprecedented loads.

The CNN partnership with Facebook to deliver an experience resembling Web 3.0 was an outstanding execution, allowing anyone logged into Facebook to see friends watching the same content as well as read their status updates and contribute comments.

Integration over Facebook Connect (and other similar services) will provide new and exciting experiences as we move into the new era of social media, as well as unprecedented opportunities for advertising.

President Barack Obama's former web outlet, www.change.gov, has been rolled over to www.whitehouse.gov. The first Whitehouse Blog post is now live, and communicates three core principles:

Communication -- Americans are eager for information about the state of the economy, national security and a host of other issues. This site will feature timely and in-depth content meant to keep everyone up-to-date and educated. Check out the briefing room, keep tabs on the blog (RSS feed) and take a moment to sign up for e-mail updates from the President and his administration so you can be sure to know about major announcements and decisions.

Transparency -- President Obama has committed to making his administration the most open and transparent in history, and WhiteHouse.gov will play a major role in delivering on that promise. The President's executive orders and proclamations will be published for everyone to review, and that’s just the beginning of our efforts to provide a window for all Americans into the business of the government. You can also learn about some of the senior leadership in the new administration and about the President’s policy priorities.

Participation --
President Obama started his career as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, where he saw firsthand what people can do when they come together for a common cause. Citizen participation will be a priority for the Administration, and the internet will play an important role in that. One significant addition to WhiteHouse.gov reflects a campaign promise from the President: we will publish all non-emergency legislation to the website for five days, and allow the public to review and comment before the President signs it.

This was certainly the most innovative and technologically advanced inauguration in history. The Obama administration has laid the foundation for better communication through social media. The next four years will see more progress than any previous time period in the development of the way we, as a country and as a people, interact with one another.
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